Numerous tenderers – and not only public providers – get into contact with the rules and regulations applicable to this area. Lack of adherence to applicable rules and regulations – notwithstanding if you are provider or tenderer – may involve grave consequences, as the tender may be declared null and void or the bid non-compliant and may ultimately lead to a claim for compensation.

There is an increasing public awareness of public procurement, including issues related to determining which assignments should be offered as public procurement contracts, how a public procurement is processed correctly, and how a tenderer can react if treated wrongly during a public procurement process.

CLEMENS has developed significant experience and expertise within this area and assists i.a. with:

  • Clarifying the extent of a tender obligation
  • Reviewing terms and conditions of the tender etc.
  • Reviewing tender procedures
  • Assessment of tenders vis-à-vis compliance etc.
  • Drafting contracts
  • Access to documents in connection with assessment of potential complaints
  • Conducting cases before the Complaints Board for Public Procurement and the courts.