CLEMENS advises private individuals on all types of private law matters, including family and inheritance law, administration of estates of deceased persons and sale/purchase of real estate.

At CLEMENS, we have extensive experience with handling private law matters, and we emphasise provision of necessary guidance prior to our clients making any decisive decision. We also emphasise “good chemistry” and communication between the client and us, as we understand that these issues are of major personal importance to the client.

Family law

CLEMENS offers advice within all areas of family law.

For the sake of maintaining a satisfactory family relationship or future cooperation regarding the children, it is often particularly important in family law cases that the parties seek an amicable solution acceptable to all parties involved. If possible, we will always try to reach a settlement with the other party before instituting proceedings.

CLEMENS advises i.a. on:

  • Separation/divorce and maintenance payments
  • Property division, division of pension funds, separate property compensation and compensation claims
  • Unmarried cohabitees’ separation, including severance of joint ownership to a house/apartment
  • Cases pertaining to custody, residence and visitation
  • Paternity disputes
  • Drafting of marriage contracts
  • Drafting of enduring powers of attorney
  • Law of succession and administration of estates of deceased persons

CLEMENS offers legal advice within all areas of law of succession and administration of estates of deceased persons.

We assist i.a. with preparation of wills which ensure that assets left by the deceased devolve upon those whom the deceased would want to receive the assets. Some situations may also call for protection of the inheritance by separate property provisions or provision for settlement of the property (in trust). If there are minor children, it may also be relevant to set up a “child declaration” indicating who should provide for the child’s upbringing, in the event that both parents die before the child reaches the age of 18. In some situations, a will may also be drawn up to reduce inheritance tax payable of any inheritance from the estate of the deceased person. This entails a larger paid out amount of the inheritance.

CLEMENS has significant experience within administration of estates of deceased persons. This may be either as executor appointed by the testator or as adviser to beneficiaries, who request that the estate be released for administration out of court. If a surviving spouse requests to retain undivided possession of the estate, we are also able to assist with this.

We handle administration of estates of deceased persons in close cooperation and dialogue with the beneficiaries to ensure that the wishes/needs of the beneficiaries are contemplated by the decisions to be made in the estate. The beneficiaries are informed about the progress of the administration on an ongoing basis and of the options/choices to make during the administration of the estate to ensure that decisions are made that yield the best possible result for the beneficiaries.

Sale and purchase of private and commercial real estate

To most people, buying or selling the family home is a big decision. We offer thorough review and advice on the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement prior to approval hereof; we examine the property (public as well as private) and convene a meeting for the purpose of review and signature of transaction documents. In this way, we make sure that the transaction is carried out correctly and as quickly as possible.

We assist individuals in all types of real estate matters including for example:

  • Sale and purchase of residences/holiday homes
  • Disputes pertaining to defects in purchased/sold real estate
  • Institution – or prevention – of compulsory sale
  • Legal advice on purchase of real estate by way of compulsory sale

If an unmarried couple purchases real estate jointly, we also advise on the possibilities of formulating a co-ownership agreement that governs the future joint ownership of the property and regulates the parties’ ability to be released from the joint ownership. We also advise on how to make provision for each other by making a will and/or favour individuals in pension schemes/life insurance policies.