Sale or purchase of a medical practice is a big decision, and the transfer process must preferably be positive for all parties involved. Your choice of legal adviser makes a difference.

CLEMENS has years of experience in advising operators in the primary healthcare sector. We know the market and the industry and are able to advise you on both legal and practical challenges within the framework of applicable collective agreements.

At CLEMENS, you get a dedicated and active adviser who takes into account all aspects of your practice. We have extensive experience with legal advice on buying and selling practices as well as drafting shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements for joint ownership of practices and cooperation agreements for jointly owned clinics.

Buying or selling a medical practice requires preparation, and practice transfers are not identical. Factors other than the purchase price determine whether a practice transfer is good for buyer and seller. We help you uncover matters that affect the pricing and other terms of the transaction.

Some of the topics we advise on are:

  • Drafting and negotiation of transfer agreement
  • Review of relevant contracts and practice-related documents
  • Review of lease agreement and negotiation hereof, if necessary
  • Review of employment contracts and handling of employment matters
  • Preparation of partnership agreements/cooperation agreement
  • Planning of corporate structure and assistance with company formation, if applicable
  • Conclusion of generational change agreements and advice on special rules and regulations in this regard
  • Advice on split-up of cooperation agreements for jointly owned clinics

CLEMENS is also involved in teaching and training activities pertaining to buying and selling medical practices, for example by giving lessons to medical specialist students (general medicine).