CLEMENS Law Firm has a dedicated team of attorneys who handle litigation and arbitration before Danish courts.

We have in-depth knowledge of representation of clients in all types of commercial disputes before Danish city courts, the Danish High Courts and the Danish Supreme Court. Moreover, we have many years of arbitration experience.

Several of our attorneys have the right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court and the Danish High Courts just as some of our attorneys act as arbitrators in arbitration proceedings.

From commencement of each litigation or arbitration matter, we prioritise to define the right strategy for handling the specific case. This applies both in relation to the determination of the facts of the case, possible expert survey, summoning of witnesses, initiation of settlement negotiations, etc.

We know that litigation or arbitration often requires extensive resources from the parties involved. We always try to organize the matter in a way that takes this into account, while protecting the interests of the company as best as possible.

CLEMENS’ attorneys are specialised and appreciate the many legs of business law. Our focus is always on solution oriented and realistic dispute resolution.

Our aim is to accommodate our clients’ requests, while ensuring that the case does not lead to further disagreements between the parties or unnecessary case steps, which complicate or add costs to the case.

Part of our job is to take into consideration the commercial and cost-related consequences to you. We are in from start to finish. Both as collaboration partner and sounding board to our clients.

In relation to international disputes, we are able to act as a liaison to competent foreign attorneys within the relevant business area. We continuously draw on our network and many years of experience in assisting our clients – also when our clients become involved in litigation or arbitration outside of Denmark.

We advise and assist our clients with:

  • Court cases before the Danish city courts, the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court, the Danish High Courts and the Danish Supreme Court. We often see that the parties in a business relationship have agreed beforehand that any potential dispute must be settled by arbitration.
  • International litigation: We often act as sounding board to our clients when they need advice on international legal matters.
  • Arbitration: the parties to a dispute may choose not to go to court, but instead agree to have a dispute settled by one or more individuals appointed by the parties themselves.
  • Settlement negotiations: Often two parties to a dispute do not strongly disagree. In some cases, it may therefore be the right solution to settle the matter out of court rather than by judgment.
  • Mediation: The primary task of the mediator is to listen to the parties and to prompt the parties to reach an agreement, if possible. The objective of meditation is to try to find a solution which satisfies both parties.
  • Processing of cases before all types of appeals boards: Appeals boards handle special complaints or disputes within a given industry or subject area. In certain cases and case types, it may be advisable to consult an attorney for handling of the complaint.
  • Processing of cases before the Danish National Tax Tribunal, the Danish Accounting Practices Board, the Danish Public Contracts Appeals Board and the Danish Company Appeals Board: In Denmark, there is a large number of complaints boards, which handle complaints and disputes within special industries and subject areas. We have extensive experience in assisting our clients in the appeals board process.