CLEMENS offers highly specialised advice within all areas of lease of business premises, and we have built considerable expertise as one of the leading law firms in Denmark.

Our clients include lessors of all sizes as well as property administrators, including some of the largest commercial lessees and lessors in Denmark. 

We advise our clients on forming lease agreements in order to avoid future disputes, and we provide advice during the duration of the lease and in connection with vacation of the lease.

We have also handles numerous court cases concerning determination of the size of the rent, where we advise our clients on (i) rent reduction/increase options, (ii) notice of rent reduction/increase, and finally we carry out the necessary legal steps.

CLEMENS advises i.a. on:

  • Drafting and negotiation of business lease agreements and advice in relation to conclusion hereof
  • Negotiations in connection with assignment
  • Handling of rent increase/reduction
  • Vacation of business premises
  • Disputes and court cases of any kind