CLEMENS offers highly specialised advice within all areas of housing law and is one of the leading law firms in Denmark within this practice area.

We advise large and small landlords/lessors and administrators, and we give lessons on issues pertaining to landlord and tenant law to landlords/lessors, administrators and lawyers.

Housing law is extremely complex and difficult to understand. The area is characterised by frequent law reforms, and political compromises, special provisions and exceptions that do not always seem logical characterise the law. Therefore, legal advice is very relevant within this practice area. This applies before, during and after the tenancy/lease as well as in connection with purchase and sale of rental property.

CLEMENS advises i.a. on:

  • Drafting and negotiation of lease agreements and advice in relation hereto
  • Rent increase disputes
  • Vacation of leased premises
  • Notice of termination and termination of tenancies/leases, including eviction via the enforcement court
  • Disputes and litigation of all kinds, including cases before the housing court and the rent tribunal
  • General matters pertaining to landlord and tenant law
  • Due diligence in connection with purchase or sale of property
  • A landlord’s obligation to offer vacated premises to tenants