One of the biggest challenges you face as business owner is planning your own retirement from the company, including choice of generational change model.Nevertheless, it is a natural part of being a business owner. Experience from previous cases show that generational changes take time. The better you and your business prepare, the better the process and the outcome.At CLEMENS, we ensure that you and your business are adequately prepared for the generational change, and we guide you through the entire process.

CLEMENS advises on all types of generational change models, whether the preferred model is for the next generation, for one or more close employees, for a third party through sale of the business or for a foundation/trust.We assist you with the initial analysis of the company, preparation of an action plan, preparation of the company and implementation of the generational change.In addition to taking into account all legal, fiscal and financial aspects, CLEMENS also supports you in the dialogue with your family and your business.

Our expertise embraces all facets of a generational change, including consideration for family, business, finance, tax and law.We have in-depth experience with planning and structuring the generational change process, including long-term generational change planning and ensuring compliance with the generational change agreement.CLEMENS also advises on family and inheritance law issues, marriage settlements and wills in connection with a generational change.

Questions for consideration prior to a meeting at CLEMENS:

  • Generational change – when?
  • Should the business remain in the family or be sold to employees, competitors or external investors or transferred to a foundation/trust?
  • Are any of your children interested in carrying on the business – if yes; are they competent to do so?
  • And then what?