When setting up a company, you first have to decide on the corporate structure.In the initial phase, you will also have questions about other matters, such as financing, leasing premises, taking out relevant insurances, recruiting staff, etc.

These issues may arise again during your company’s operation, e.g. when the company is expanding. Other matters may arise, such as partnership agreements, debt collection, product protection, observing environmental requirements, etc.

In all respects, it is essential to be increasingly aware of the ever-expanding legislation, which limits and makes demands on businesses’ formation and operation.

CLEMENS has many years of experience in advising business clients and possesses the professional overview and knowledge of relevant legislation and practice.CLEMENS is therefore the ideal partner, when you need qualified legal advice in connection with foundation, operation or sale of your company.

CLEMENS advises among other things on:

  • Choice of corporate structure
  • Agreements/contracts
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Financing facilities
  • Debt collection
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and competition
  • Product protection (patents, trademarks etc.)
  • Environmental law
  • Acquisition of businesses and business transfers
  • Company closure/restructuring/conversion