CLEMENS assists businesses in collection of outstanding amounts based on invoices, mortgage deeds or other payment agreements.

Our clients include companies of all sizes, financial institutions, financing and leasing companies.In addition, CLEMENS has considerable experience in assisting housing associations and property owners in handling and executing eviction cases.

CLEMENS is certified by “RKI Kredit Information” (Danish register of debtors), and as part of an effective debt collection process, CLEMENS registers individuals with a negative credit record at RKI.

The collaboration is based on a positive and open dialogue with our clients, and our goal is to quickly and efficiently collect our clients’ outstanding claims.

CLEMENS’ debt collection department handles all types of debt collection, including

  • Ordinary debt collection
  • Mortgage debt collection
  • Compulsory sales
  • Repossession of leased items and conditional sale items
  • Housing debt collection
  • Evictions