As a result of the increasing corporate globalisation, we are experiencing a growing demand for advice in connection with corporate immigration law – i.e. the rules and regulations governing foreign labour coming to work in Denmark.

A typical scenario is that two companies within the same group agree on relocation of an employee. The employee remains employed by the posting company. Any such situation gives rise to legal challenges – particularly the relationship between the secondment agreement and the employee’s employment contract with the posting company.

We provide effective and high quality advice on all aspects of corporate immigration law at competitive prices. Moreover, we are able to offer attractively priced fixed charges for our standard services in this area regardless of time spent handling the assignment.

Our team is ready with advice on all legal aspects and issues relating to the employment of non-Danish labour in Denmark, including in particular:

  • Work and residence permits for employees and their accompanying family members – including any drafting of all documentation for this purpose
  • Business visas and other short term stays
  • EU registration certificates

We mainly advise foreign businesses on relocation of employees to Denmark and on how to establish a branch in Denmark.