Construction projects in Denmark are subject to strict regulation of both Danish as well as European nature.

At CLEMENS Law Firm we have offered legal advice of the highest standard, on all aspects of the construction industry through many years.

We advise and assist clients within all areas of construction law, covering from contractors and developers over architects and engineers to public authorities.

Our many years of experience provide us with a solid and professional insight in in all aspects of the phases of a contract.

Some of the topics we advise on are:

  • Drafting construction contracts, including turnkey, primary and professional contracts
  • Assessment and advice on payment of security, including assignments, registration hereof, etc.
  • General legal advice pertaining to standard building regulations and contracts
  • Participation in and evaluation of construction projects and the legal risks involved
  • Handling of expert appraisal cases
  • Litigation of court- and arbitration cases within construction law

We emphasize that our team of attorneys are highly specialized. We strive to deliver the best possible advice based on an understanding of the client’s business.

We believe that many disputes can be avoided with the right legal counseling at an early stage in the process for both companies as well as individuals.

Our network includes business partners within all contracting disciplines and we are therefore also able to connect you with the right consultant – even if we do not have the expertise inhouse.

Regarding less of the character of your contracting challenge, we are always available for an informal and non-binding talk about the case.

We know and understand the importance of being available when assistance is needed.