The legislation and rules that govern lease of commercial property are complex and under constant development. Notwithstanding if you are renting, leasing or managing a commercial property, you will need to consider a number of issues before, during and after conclusion of a commercial lease agreement – also with a view to the fact that commercial leases are often long-term.

Which current and future conditions should be taken into account in the commercial lease agreement? What is a reasonable rent and which rights and obligations are you subject to as lessee and lessor respectively? What do you need to know before signing the commercial lease agreement, and what happens when the lease expires? How long should the lease last; how to divide the maintenance obligation; what happens if disputes arise during the lease period or if there is a need to regulate the rent level?

Get highly specialized advice

As shown above, there are many issues to consider when entering into a commercial lease agreement. This is why thorough and competent advice is important to help you conclude the best possible agreement which reflects the parties’ wishes. A lease agreement which has been prepared thoroughly by a competent attorney reduces the risk of disputes arising later between lessor and lessee.

If disputes nonetheless arise, it is at least as important to have an attorney who knows the law and the spirit of the law and who fully understands the administrative procedures involved. As a party to the case, this is your guarantee for the most optimal conditions for a positive result – regardless of whether the dispute concerns the size of the rent, maintenance obligations, vacation settlement, termination of the lease or other matters.

CLEMENS Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Denmark within this business area, and based on our very extensive experience we offer highly specialized advice within all areas of commercial lease law. Our clients include lessors of all sizes as well as property administrators, including some of the largest commercial lessees and lessors in Denmark.

We can advise on and help you with e.g.

  • Preparing and negotiating commercial lease agreements: A lease agreement prepared thoroughly by a competent attorney reduces the risk of disputes arising later between lessor and lessee.
  • Issues arising during the lease period: For example by making clear guidelines and written agreements between lessor and lessee regarding maintenance and renewal obligations during the lease period, the division of maintenance costs in case of breach on the part of the lessee or lessor, etc.
  • Negotiations relating to transfer of the lease: For example in relation to the lessee’s right to sublet or assign the lease during the lease period; help determine to which extent assignment is possible and the lessee’s obligations in connection with vacation, etc.
  • Matters relating to rent increase or reduction: For example determination of the market rent; options for and notification of rent increase or reduction; objection against rent increase, etc.
  • Handling situations where you or your lessee must vacate the lease: For example renovation of the lease in connection with vacation, vacation inspection, refurbishment requirements against the lessee, occupancy and vacation report, deadline for complaints, etc.
  • Handling disputes and lawsuits of any kind, including i.a. and especially in relation to the market rent level, vacation settlement and termination of the lease.