Lars Mumm primarily works with construction law and transfer of real estate.

Lars has worked with construction law since 1991 and has therefore extensive experience with this area. Special areas of interest for Lars are formation of contract, arbitration, expert surveys as well as investigation of issues related to insurance and tort.

Through many years of hands-on experience with contract negotiations, arbitration cases and expert surveys, Lars has developed a confident ability to identify key challenges and link commercial aspects with law thereby contributing to the good solution.

Lars Mumm became Attorney at Law in 1993 and obtained the right to appear before the Danish High Courts in 1995. In 2002, Lars added the right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court to his CV.

Lars gives lectures to i.a. contractors, entrepreneurs and other consultants, including also attorneys.

Language skills 

  • Danish
  • English


  • Master of Law
  • Attorney at Law, 1993
  • Right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court