Mandatory data and information about money laundering

In accordance with current regulations, a law firm is obliged to provide its clients and other stakeholders with certain information.

Corporate structure of the law firm

Clemens Advokater, Business registration no. 32676561, is a legal partnership company.

Details of authorizations, etc.

All attorneys at Clemens Advokater are authorized by the Danish Ministry of Justice and belong to the Danish Bar & Law Society.

Details about Clemens Advokater’s insurance and guarantee company

Clemens Advokater has taken out professional liability insurance and statutory guarantee insurance at:

HDI Global Specialty Danmark
Indiakaj 6, 1. sal
2100 København Ø
Tlf. 33369599
Policenr: 156-76302917-30019

The liability insurance covers all legal activities, regardless of the location at which they are performed.

Client accounts

All client funds will be managed in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society. The client funds will be deposited in the following client account:

Danske Bank
Account: 3627 5940406821
IBAN: DK94 3000 5940 4068 21

Interest accrued will be credited in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

In the event of a financial collapse of the bank, you as a client will receive coverage in accordance with the Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors Act. The Guarantee Fund will cover legitimate depositor’s funds up to an amount equivalent to 100,000 euros (approx. DKK 750,000). The cover limit applies to the total deposit in the bank, even if the deposit is in various accounts, including both separate client accounts and own accounts.

Special rules apply to deposits relating to real property if the real property has been used primarily for non-commercial purposes or is intended primarily for non-commercial use. The cover limit is here up to DKK 10 million for a period of up to 12 months from the date on which the amount was deposited and also includes deposits in separate accounts.

Further information about the Guarantee Fund can be found on the Guarantee Fund’s website: Information on the Guarantee Fund

Money laundering legislation – background and consequences for law firms

Like all other Danish law firms and a number of other different types of companies, Clemens Advokater is subject to the regulations of the “Money Laundering Act”. The official title of this Act is “Consolidated Act no. 806 of 6 August 2009 on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism”. The purpose of the Money Laundering Act is to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. In pursuance of the Money Laundering Act, attorneys and law firms are obliged to collect and store proof of clients’ identity. Clients may therefore be asked to provide personal documentation, usually a passport or driving license, and their full address when we open and conduct cases for them.